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Hoan My Internal Management Trainee 2019 | Tập Đoàn Y Khoa Hoàn Mỹ

Hoan My Internal Management Trainee 2019


Leadership is always inside you but you might not know that. Bringing the leadership insight out is transformative journey to grow yourself and building your inner strengths is a systematic process to pursue your dreams and goals to the fullest. Being inspired by the lego toys and stories, Hoan My’s management trainee program is developed to “Lego the leadership in you & Strengthen the great in you”. We believe that by personalizing your leadership growth plan, Hoan My together with you will shape your future.

A. Terms & Conditions
-    All employees belong to support department at level associate, executive and signed contract with Hoan My.
-    Working experiences: Maximum 24 months in which at least 12 consecutive months they worked for Hoan My.
-    Still working for Hoan My. 
-    Education: BA in business management, accounting and economics.
-    English: IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent).
-    High disciplines.
-    Outstanding with the activities at Hoan My is prioritized.

B. Registration & Timing
-    Step 1: [27/5 – 02/6/2019] - Apply online by link goo.gl/o3CfPt
-    Step 2: [05/6 – 14/6/2019] - Participate the presentation.
-    Step 3: [18/6 – 23/6/2019] - Participate the one on one interview.
-    Step 4: [25/6 – 28/6/2019] - Complete the final round with competencies test and onboard.

C. Benefits
-    The benefit is equivalent to package of supervisor level.  
-    Develop to level manager in Hoan My system withing the shortest time.
-    Train and develop by Individual development plan (IDP)
-    Strengthen leadership and develop excellent career path 

D. Principle
-    Candidates are required to have a good preparation & professional behaviors for all examinations and other related activities. 
-    Candidates who perform with positive manner, logical thinking & good sense of humor is prioritized
-    Information & picture, which is related to the MT programme, will be probably shared on Hoan My communication’s channels.

A. Preliminary round
Candidates apply online by a link, fill in required information and answer questions.
B. Presentation round
Candidates will be divided into groups (Maximum 5 members/ group) and performed their leadership style by completing the assignment. Each member is required at least one time to be a leader in order to complete the assigned task. Location and time will be inform later.
C. Interview round
Candidates who pass the presentation round will attend one on one interview with Management Board of Hoan My Medical Corporation.
D. Final round
Candidates will be invited to complete the personality test in order to map their core competencies with Hoan My’s core values.

*** Candidates will receive the feedback from Selection Committee after each round of the journey.

Candidates follow the step as below: 
-    Receive the offer letter from Human Resources Department by email.
-    Accept the offer letter by email.
-    Sign the offer letter at Hoan My Medical Corporation’s office.
-    Receive the IDP on the joining date.
-    Be introduced and assigned to Line Managers.
-    Quarterly review IDP with HR Departments. 

Any queries about the programme, please contact to Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Hien
-    Phone: 028 3820 6001, Ext 456
-    Email: hien.nguyen1@hoanmy.com
-    HR Department, Hoan My Medical Corporation, Floor 11st, TNR Tower, 180 – 192 Nguyen Cong Tru St., Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, HCMC