Medical News - Using Herbal Medicine As A Treatment, One Has To Enter The Emergency Room Due To Acute Hepatitis

05 Jun 2022

Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital had successfully saved a patient from acute drug-induced hepatitis due to using the medicine to treat menstrual irregularity and osteoarthritis.

Specifically, Ms. T.T.T.S (34 years old, address in Cau Ke District, Tra Vinh province) was brought to Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital by her family for around 5 days with abdominal pain, vomiting, jaundice, high fever, vomiting, lethargy, and dark yellow urine. Taking the history, it is known that about 10 days ago, Ms. S utilized 9 doses of herbal medicine (one pill per day) to treat menstrual disorders and arthralgia.

After admission, physicians quickly performed a thorough physical examination and ordered needed lab tests, which showed a result of acute hepatic failure with increased liver enzymes and high bilirubin value. The patient was then diagnosed with acute herbal drug-induced hepatitis over gastrointestinal infection.

The patient was immediately taken to the hospital and transferred to the Intensive Care and Toxic management department for treatment and monitoring. The patient's health improved significantly after 4 days of intensive care; the patient is currently under inpatient monitoring; and abdominal pain and jaundice gradually decreased thanks to taking drugs to support liver function, antibiotics, nutritional support, and closely monitoring indicators. 

First-degree specialist, MD. Do Van Pham, Chief of Intensive care and Toxic management department stated: " This is a serious condition and if it is not treated on time, it will lead to multiple organ failures, which are life-threatening. Nowadays, herbal medicines of unknown origin are still widely sold on the market and people still believe in their "magical all-illness treating" advertisements, which leads to many side effects from using them and some could be life-threatening because of our people's gullibility”.

To avoid such unfortunate cases, Doctor Pham recommends that individuals should not indiscriminately utilize folk remedies of unknown origin to treat diseases but should instead go to medical institutions for prompt examination and treatment if they experience any health problems.