Successful Treatment of Severe Rupture In Lower Kidney

10 Feb 2022

Specialist doctors in Paediatrics and Nephrology of the Urology Department, Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital, recently received and successfully treated a case of severe kidney injury. The five year-old patient “PNH” from Soc Trang Province, Vietnam, had injured his kidney in an accident.

Patient "PNH" receives treatment at Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital, Vietnam, February 2022

According to the boy’s grandmother, PNH tripped and fell on construction bricks, causing damage to his abdomen. After the fall, he felt abdominal pain but was still able to undertake normal activities. She took the child to the local clinic for examination and to be monitored. Around 12 hours after being admitted, his health deteriorated and he was referred to Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital.

At Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital, after the patient was examined and paraclinical tests including abdominal MSCT were performed, PNH was found to be anemic, and it was noted that the left kidney was severely ruptured, with perirenal fluid accumulation.

Recognising the serious case, the doctors of urology and internal medicine immediately prepared the appropriate treatment.

The doctors opted to pursue a parenchymal treatment plan, with intravenous hydration, monitoring of blood loss, and infection treatment. After more than a week of active treatment and monitoring, PNH’s condition was stable. He was discharged, with continued monitoring at home advised.