Serving The Community

We Work With Our Hearts

As the leading and largest private healthcare group in Vietnam, Hoan My places a strong focus on serving community health needs. Since 2015, Hoan My’s CSR activities have included striving to help impoverished areas of society, the disabled, the very young and the elderly. We conduct free health screenings and provide community health education and charitable medicines across 45 provinces, from the North Central Coast to Southern Vietnam.
“Healing Hearts Vietnam” is a non-profit organisation that provides disadvantaged families in Vietnam with financial assistance for life-saving cardiac surgeries. The Hoan My Group provides the hospitals and medical expertise to facilitate the programme. Physician volunteers visit Hoan My hospitals to observe procedures and quality standards to ensure that the surgeries performed are of an excellent quality.

Community Outreach:
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Brighten Up Your Life

"Brighten Up Your Life" is a Hoan My CSR campaign that began in 2018. The purpose of the campaign is to provide informative health support to communities, in a fun and cheerful way.

Keep Composing Heart Stories

In 2007, Hoan My started a journey to help people with heart disease – from the most northern provinces through to the south. Thanks to sponsorship from charity organisations such as the National Fund for Vietnamese Children and with the help of medical staff from Hoan My, we provided health check-ups for thousands of children. We succeeded in healing many children with congenital heart defects. Many years have passed since the journey began, but we keep moving forward and composing Heart Stories for the people of Vietnam.

First Aid Training for Communities

Hoan My provides First Aid training activity for NGOs, companies and schools across Vietnam as part of its community outreach programme. With more people across our country equipped with the knowledge of what to do in an emergency, we can help our fellow citizens when an accident happens. Good First Aid training saves lives.

The Mom is Ready! Campaign

2019 is the fourth consecutive year in which Hoan My has run programmes offering free antenatal care to pregnant mothers across Vietnam. The “Mom is Ready!” campaign is a series of events providing knowledge and hands-on training experience. Recognising that some pregnant women cannot attend events, or are nervous to do so, Hoan My also conducted ten online seminars across the country.

At first, local communities were sceptical. They were concerned that it would cost money. But over time, moms-to-be began to trust the medical information being provided. Fathers started attending the meetings too. The sessions provided an opportunity for men to ask questions they might have been embarrassed to ask at home. When grandmothers also began to attend, keen to pass on tips from their own experiences, the classes became a real family affair.

Now the Hoan My hospitals use social networks like Facebook to reach out to new moms. We want new mothers to have the best support possible, and the antenatal classes have a ripple effect – those who have learned also help others.