Medical News - A Patient Was Saved From Having A Cerebral Hemorrhagic Stroke

09 Jun 2022

Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital had successfully saved a patient from having a cerebral hemorrhagic stroke by on-time Code Stroke activation within the "golden hour".

Mrs. C.T.N (62 years old, addressed in Vinh Long province) went to the bathroom and fainted at 14 o'clock on the same day of admission, found by her family and quickly taken to Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital. According to the patient's family, she has a history of essential hypertension. 

After admission, on-call physicians found out that the patient had signs of acute stroke and quickly activated Code Stroke (an emergency protocol for treating the patient with stroke). The patient was immediately sent for a cerebral MSCT with the result of a subarachnoid hemorrhage due to an anterior communicating artery abruption with a size of 4*5mm. The Code team had accessed the abruption of the cerebral aneurysm, which was worsening over time and could be life-threatening, so they immediately came up with a solution of blocking the aneurysm with a metallic coil with the help of Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA). The intervention team had inserted a small catheter from the femoral artery to the broken cerebral artery, approached, and embolized it with a coil with the help of DSA.

The intervention lasted about an hour, and after one day, the patient stopped mechanical ventilation and had the endotracheal tube removed. The patient's condition improved almost completely, she was awake, her paralysis was gone, she was transferred to an inpatient hospital monitoring, and she is now being discharged for outpatient monitoring.

First-degree specialist, MD. Nguyen Huu Thai, Chief of Endovascular Surgery - Cardiology Department, Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital informs: “Stroke is a dangerous situation, if not treated promptly, it can cause severe neurological sequelae and possibly death. This patient had a subarachnoid hemorrhagic stroke which is bleeding into the space between the brain and its surrounding membranes The main treatment now is a cerebral vascular intervention with a metallic coil, which has been approved as a medical advancement and has replaced open cerebral surgery with vascular clamping in the past. With many outstanding advantages, it will assist the brain aneurysm to be removed fast, the patient is less painful, the hospital stay will be shorter, and the danger of stroke will be reduced. 

First-degree specialist, MD. Do Van Pham, Chief of Intensive Care Unit (ICU), shared: " The duration since the signs of stroke appeared to intervention is crucial. It is called the "golden hour" which determines a patient's life-or-death issue as well as minimizing to the least brain injuries. The "golden hour" for cerebral stroke is under three hours. At Hoan My Cuu Long hospital, when admitting stroke patients, Code Stroke - an emergency protocol for stroke patients will be activated immediately. The Code team consists of 5 members, who are all well-trained doctors in their specialties for a fast and efficient emergency workup and treatments for the stroke patients within their "golden hour" which is less than 60 minutes after arriving at the emergency room.

Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital has successfully performed interventions for many stroke patients. It is possible to entirely avoid a stroke. Controlling blood pressure and properly treating hypertension are the most significant factors in preventing stroke. Besides,  it is vital to determine the etiology of a brain hemorrhage, such as finding out aneurysms, and varicose veins and treating them. Time is a prerequisite for effective and cost-effective stroke control, ensuring emergency treatment and stroke care during the "golden hour". Therefore, if patients exhibit any indicators of suspected stroke, they should seek treatment and diagnosis at the nearest specialized stroke center as soon as feasible.